#JusticeForMoka: A Conversation about Prison Abolition, Transformative Justice and Mutual Aid

“How could you seek transformative justice in a colonistic state? It’s never going to happen.”

Moka Dawkins
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Our new series of publications focuses on QTBIPOC-led abolitionist organizing against the prison industrial complex in Tkaronto. The series is kicked off by this incredible, tender and honest interview with Black, Indigenous, trans abolitionist activist, Moka Dawkins in conversation with Jaye Garcia and Kafia. This loving conversation touches on prison abolition, colonialism, spirituality, food, love and futurities. Our interview video and transcript with Moka Dawkin is based on an event organized by Professor Jin Haritaworn, Jaye Garcia, Kafia and other awesome activist scholars and students on the ENVS 5073 at York University.

CW: violence against Black and Indigenous trans women and sex workers.

Support Moka Dawkins and Black Trans Women by donating at this GoFundMe page.

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  1. On the left, white text on pink colour block says “#JusticeForMoka: Prison Abolition, Transformative Justice, & Mutual Aid”. Following that, black text says “A conversation with Moka Dawkins. The next line is white text on black colour block that says “Wed as in Wednesday, May 19th, 2021”. The last line of text is black text on pink colour block that says “Donation Link: www.gofundme.com/justiceformoka. The photo on the right side features a person with long hair and dark skin, wearing high heels, sitting in a chair in the middle of a room with one leg crossed. The room has hardwood floor and brick wall painted white.