Issue #2 | Bodies as Archives: QTBIPOC Art and Performance in Toronto (2018)

New pieces on QTBIPOC oral histories and spaces are being considered, such as this. Check out the Submission Guidelines here.

Maan-i-fest 3


MANN-I-FEST (2014-), co-created by nisha ahuja and MeLisa Moore. Image courtesy of the artists.

Alvis Choi

On These Grounds
Lisa Myers

Round Dance Square: community. art. parties. 
A Roundtable Discussion with Cherish Violet Blood, Ange Loft, and Jada Reynolds Tabobondung
Facilitated by Amandeep Kaur Panag

Dreaming With Our Ancestors: The Asian Arts Freedom School, 2004-2007
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

The Drag Musical: Let Us Sit On You
Patrick Salvani

Unapologetic Burlesque: queer. consensual. anti-racist. not your average burlesque
Shaunga Tagore and kumari giles

My being is not your colonial hotel: Performance as a ceremony of reflection and reclamation from a QPOC theatre maker 
nisha ahuja

Performance as its Own Country: An Interview with Camille Turner
Alvis Choi

Defending Uncritical Art has Consequences
Rahim Thawer

Bois d’Ébène
Kama La Mackerel

Original poems: “my boyfriend plays white guy music”, “your body kept the score” , and “what the queer community should have told us” 
Kai Cheng Thom

Kapwa Playshop: “Katutubong Binhi (Native Seeds) Offering” 
Kapwa Collective

Spring’s Promise
Shaunga Tagore