Special Focus on Prison Abolition (2021)

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Marvellous Grounds is excited to be launching a series of new pieces on abolition, transformative justice, criminalization, and incarceration from Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour organizing and activism in Tkaronto/Toronto! 

There will be articles, videos, roundtable discussions, interviews, podcasts, multimedia pieces and sound art for ten weeks starting in August! You will hear/read from local and international organizers, along with artists and students of Dr. Jin Haritaworn and Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware’s course on prisoners’ justice. Topics include mutual aid, survival, activist art, radical collective care, safety outside of the system, migrant justice, queer Muslim organizing and much more!  

Many thanks to Rio Rodriguez, Alvis Choi, Charlie Costello, Mengzhu Fu, Bridget Liang, Ghaida Moussa, Julia Robertson, Kenley Farrace and all the brilliant activist scholars and students who have helped give birth to blog publications over the years as guest editors and contributors! If you would like to contribute, check out our submissions guidelines.